Fall Course Descriptions - August 26th-December 18th 2019

  • BIB 110 - Exposition of Mark: This course will allow the student to learn and apply the principles of inductive study. Through step-by-step analysis of the book of Mark, the student will learn the procedures for analyzing paragraphs, discerning meaning, discovering author’s purposes, and relating paragraph to paragraph and chapter to chapter. This inductive study process can be applied to every book of the Bible and even to secular literature. (4 Credits)

  • BIB 120 - Survey of Old Testament Literature: This course provides an overview of every book of the Old Testament and gives attention to special issues such as Creation, the covenants, and the prophecies that lead to Christ’s first and second comings. The student is taught how to apply the practical principles of the Old Testament to Ministry and practical Christian living. (3 Credits)

  • ENG 110 - Writing and Research: This course covers basic writing and research skills needed for college-level work. Students will learn the fundamentals of effective writing. The skills learned in this class will aid students in every other class requiring written papers and research. Students will also gain life skills learning how to research information. (3 Credits)

  • HST 110 - Archaeology & Geography of Bible Lands- OT: This course covers the Old Testament era, acquainting the student with archaeological discoveries and the culture surrounding major Bible events. Special attention will be given to recent discoveries, so that the students will be able to better understand the motivations and purposes of the Biblical characters. (3 Credits)

  • MIN 110 Disciple Centered Leadership: This course builds a theoretical framework which suggests that leading others in the process of spiritual formation and leadership development requires a disciple-centered orientation as opposed to a leader centered approach. The implications of this approach will be considered with reference to a variety of ministries including preaching, teaching, counseling, worship, outreach, etc. (3 Credits)

  • MIN 130 Internship: The first semester will expose interns to a variety of youth Bible clubs, focusing on learning through observation. The student will also receive hands-on training and practice through helping with special events. (1 Credit)

  • MIN 230 - 3rd Semester Internship: Interns will build on what they learned 2nd semester, leading more comprehensive parts of their Club, giving a prepared message, assisting with special events and quizzing, and attending staff meetings. (2 Credits)

  • PSY 210 Biblical Counseling: This course will examine the following aspects of biblical counseling: definitions, history, biblical and theological implications, models and theories, characteristics and qualities of counselors, personality disorders, major difficulties facing the different age groups and biblical solutions.  (3 Credits)

  • SPE 210 Oral Communications: This course examines skills for effective public speaking as well as various types of public speaking. Students will give several speeches during the semester. (3 Credits)

For individual classes, tuition is $135 per credit (e.g. $405 for a 3 credit class). Anyone who wishes to audit a class would pay $101.25 per credit. For former ITE graduates who wish to earn their associate degree, tuition is $360 per class ($120 per credit). Talk with Taunya about what classes you will need to complete your degree.