What is Ambassador College of Bible & Ministry?

Vision Statement:  Ambassador College of Bible & Ministry exists to display God’s glory by training Christians with a biblical foundation and equipping them for Christian life and ministry. (2 Timothy 2:2)

Mission:  Ambassador College of Bible & Ministry provides higher education that emphasizes the Scriptures as God’s inerrant authority as the foundation for Christ-centered living.  Biblical classes, mentoring, and ministry opportunities equip students with knowledge, wisdom, and godly character to be ambassadors for Christ.  Our goal is to see each student display a Christ-centered character empowered by the Holy Spirit to fulfill God’s purposes in every aspect of life.

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Ambassador College of Bible & Ministry (Ambassador) is a two year Bible college that offers three program options:

  • Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry Degree.

  • Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies Degree.

  • One-Year Certificate in Biblical Studies.

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In addition to solid Biblical teaching, students will earn credits that transfer to many Christian colleges and universities.

Our goal is to train and equip young adults to become godly men and women. You will gain a better understanding of how to read and interpret the Bible, apply God's Word to your life, and share it with others.

Those in the Christian Ministry Degree Program will also gain valuable skills to be more effective in ministry. You will immediately apply what you are learning as you will be a staff intern at Teens For Christ.

“In less than two weeks I have learned more than I might have learned in several months otherwise, and it is my hope that throughout these next few months I will be able to catch some of the character of my mentors here.”
— Nikolas

Our Goals

It is our desire that students will not only complete Ambassador classes with credits and a degree, but that knowledge of God’s Word, life-long skills, and godly character will be instilled in them.


  • Associate Degree with transferrable credits

  • Scripture memorization

  • Daily Bible study in classes and homework

  • Bible content training equivalent to most 4-year Bible college degrees

  • Understanding the importance and relevance of the Bible today


  • Public speaking and/or preaching

  • Plan and lead Bible Clubs, youth rallies, quizzing, and special events (ministry degree)

  • Participate in staff meetings & team planning (ministry degree)

  • Ability to apply biblical knowledge to everyday life

  • Gain a broader perspective of the world and see it from a biblical view-point

  • Ability to feed independently on God’s Word

Godly Character

  • Grow in wisdom

  • Develop habits and tools used in daily Scripture study

  • Develop personal statement of faith

  • Strengthen spiritual disciplines and personal worship

  • Participate in on-going accountability and mentoring

  • Identify and strengthen personal weaknesses with the help of instructor evaluations