Overview of Program Options

At Ambassador College, we have a fixed curriculum. Students may choose from two Associate Degrees or a one-year certificate. 

Academic Catalog

Associate Degree in Biblical Studies

Students who receive their AA in Biblical Studies will receive a solid, Biblical foundation for life.  They will be equipped with skills that will aid them in understanding Scripture and applying it to all areas of their lives and our world today, know what they believe and why, as well as have foundational knowledge of the Bible and our world.  They will also have the knowledge and skills to further their education or seek a job within a ministry setting.

Associate degree in Christian Ministry

This degree includes all of the classes in the Biblical Studies degree, plus hands-on internships in which you immediately apply the skills you are learning. You will gain real-world experience as a staff intern, benefit from one-on-one mentoring, and be blessed by a variety of ministry experiences. You will have the knowledge, skills, and experience to work in a church or para-church ministry, or apply to be a part-time or full-time Teens For Christ staff member.

One Year certificate in Biblical Studies

Students will have one year of Bible and Biblically-based classes, giving them a good foundation for a godly life and 30-31 credits that will transfer to other Christian colleges.  The specific classes may vary depending on the year, but there will be a theology class, an exposition of one book of the Bible, a history class, a class that focuses on the Old Testament and one that focuses on the New Testament, Writing and Research, as well as other Biblically-based classes. 

Individual COURSES

Some students, including high school juniors and seniors, choose to take individual courses. These courses may be taken for credit or audited.

High schoolers who take individual courses may deduct the tuition paid if they choose to enroll as a full-time student at Ambassador College after high school.

Some courses are offered 1-day a week in block format, making it possible to take a class only one day a week. A list of the Fall 2019 Individual Courses is available.

Apply for individual courses here.